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Arbitration Approach    Picture of Jacob Tanzer  
First I wish to express gratitude to my peers. Being named BEST LAWYERS IN AMERICA’s 2014 Portland Arbitration "Lawyer of the Year" was based on their quality ratings. Our community is blessed with many fine arbitrators and I truly appreciate their regard. Thank you.

I have arbitrated well over a hundred business cases.  Examples of claims include:
  • buy-out valuation of a large securities firm,
  • breach of international franchise agreements,
  • breach of operating agreements for portable MRI business,
  • damage by tenant to industrial property,
  • dispute among mixed-use condominium owners,
  • mining rights in purchased land,
  • 60 or 70 dealer-to-dealer vehicle allocation disputes as an originating arbitrator in Toyota Motor Sales USA's award winning in-house arbitration program. 
I try to be efficient and expeditious.  The fullest possible exchange of documents and information prior to hearing is encouraged.  Discovery and motions are permitted or not by agreement of counsel or, if none, according to the contract,  statute or rules under which the arbitration is brought.  Hearings are ordinarily full day with normal breaks.  Documents and other exhibits are presumed authentic and admissible unless objected to on first use.  I generally adhere to rules of evidence unless there is good reason otherwise.

Unless formal findings and conclusions are requested in advance, my practice is to write concise awards with enough stated reasoning to identify the rationale of my decision and for me to test the integrity of my analysis, but I don’t write legal essays on the clock.  My goal is to issue decisions in simple cases within a day or two of the hearing.  In more complex cases, my goal is a week. 

A word about three arbitrator panels.  First of all, I enjoy the opportunity to discuss a case with colleagues.  If the magnitude and complexity of a case justifies three arbitrators, a collegial panel can produce a more fully reasoned result.  If I am chosen by a party, I do not feel that I am necessarily an advocate for that party, only that there is something in my background that gives them confidence that I will decide competently and fairly.  And that’s what I swear to do in every case.